Overview – Business Model

Alizé Pharma is a group of independent biotech companies specialized in the development of innovative biopharmaceutical drugs, proteins and peptides, for the treatment of metabolic diseases and rare diseases.


Our team is composed of drug development experts and our management and board of directors offer wide international experience. Our strategy is to acquire early stage projects, typically at the discovery or preclinical stage, advance them into clinical development and establish partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to secure both near and long-term revenue streams. Since our creation in 2007, we have advanced several programs to the clinical phase and reached significant clinical and business milestones.   



Business Model and Corporate Organization


We operate under an asset-based business model and have pioneered this business model since 2007. This means that each program is developed within a dedicated company which is independently funded, thus providing investors with return on a project-by project basis.


  • Prior to its acquisition by Millendo Therapeutics in December 2017, Alizé Pharma SAS has designed and conducted preclinical and clinical developments of  livoletide (AZP-531), a stabilized peptide analog of unacylated ghrelin, for the treatment of Prader-Willi syndrome, up to the completion of a successful Phase II trial.


  • Prior to its acquisition by Jazz Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: JAZZ) in March 2016, Alizé Pharma II SAS was focused on the clinical development of pegcrisantaspase (ASPAREC®), a new pegylated recombinant L-asparaginase for the treatment of acute lymphoblatic leukemia.


  • Alizé Pharma III SAS is dedicated to the I-HBD1 program, a new peptide derived from a physiological protein named IGFBP-2 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-2). I-HBD1 is  a new bone anabolic agent to be developed in osteoporosis and some rare metabolic diseases associated with impaired bone formation. This I-HBD1 program is at the lead optimization stage. 



Our Investors


The group has raised over EUR 20 million from private and institutional investors since its creation. Participating investors in the financing rounds completed so far include the following:


initiative Octalfa, a Lyon-based independent investment company specializing in life sciences

Investor in Alizé Pharma, Alizé Pharma II and Alizé Pharma III


CEMA, a Canadian independent investment company

Investor in Alizé Pharma and Alizé Pharma II


Sham Innovation Santé, the investment arm of Sham, a Lyon-based insurance company specialized in medical malpractice liability insurance

Investor in Alizé Pharma, Alizé Pharma II and Alizé Pharma III


Bpifrance, the French Public Investment Bank, through the Innobio Fund

Investor in Alizé Pharma


Sofimac Partners via the FCPI Emergence Innovation 1 fund

Investor in AlizéPharma III

Rhône-Alpes création

Rhône-Alpes Création

Investor in Alizé Pharma III

Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole Création

Investor in Alizé Pharma III